Weight loss for women

Women generally require fewer calories per day, but need more nutrition. Women also tend to have higher body fat percentages and less lean muscle mass. Evolution has tailored a woman’s body for reproduction – it is programmed to store fat – to maintain adequate calories in case there’s a famine.

Of course, today famine isn’t much of a risk. In fact the opposite is true – overabundance is the norm. But a woman’s body is still programmed to hoard calories and store fat. It’s why a male and female, of similar height and weight, can start a diet and exercise routine and the man will lose weight more easily. The female body does not want to give up its fat stores.

Focus28’s diets enhance a woman’s fat burning metabolism

Our weight loss program provides portion controlled, reduced calorie meal replacements, supplements, and snacks that are high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and low in bad carbohydrates. By controlling portion size, calories, and increasing protein as a portion of overall calories the body is forced to burn fat.Eating every 2-3 hours keeps a woman’s metabolism active, and by switching to high protein consumption the body is coerced into increased thermogenesis. Simply, it takes more energy to digest calories from protein (1), so the body (the metabolism) keeps working and using more calories.

The Benefits of Protein

high-protein-weightlossWith all the fuss about high-protein diets, you might wonder how protein really makes a difference when you’re trying to lose weight. At Focus28, we help you make the most effective use of protein for weight loss.

High-Protein Diets Work Because…

As the body’s “architect,” protein plays a vital role in building and maintaining body structures. From muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the brain to our circulatory, immune system, skin and other organs – protein is essential for them all. These structures need a regular supply of “fresh” protein to build new cells. Unfortunately, when you cut calories to lose weight, you tend to cut protein-rich foods out of your diet. Without protein, your body tissues start to break down.

All protein consists of amino acids. When you eat protein-rich foods, your body breaks down the protein into its amino acids and rebuilds them in specific sequences to form the structures it needs. However, your body can’t make nine specific amino acids (called essential amino acids), so it relies on your daily food intake for its necessary supply.

Research shows that protein-based meals fill you up more than a carbohydrate-based meal. Protein is number one for resulting in the most satiety or fullness. As a result, protein gives food its “staying power” so you’ll feel less hungry for longer.

Lose Fat, Build Muscle

Quality protein in your diet is the single most important calorie that influences your metabolic rate, which results in weight loss. In addition to melting away fat, protein helps you to sustain muscle while losing weight. It also improves muscle fitness, immunity, antioxidant function, builds HDL cholesterol and enhances unsulin and leptin function – all of which contribute to optimal weight management efforts over time.

The Focus28 Approach to Losing Weight with Protein

All of the Focus28 high-protein, fat-burning meal replacements are scientifically prepared using the appropriate nutritional daily values and are guaranteed to promote weight loss. Our nutritional, protein-rich supplements (such as Crispy Cinnamon, Crispy Peanut and Crispy Fudge & Graham Bars) play a key role in your weight loss program. Each product provides complete, high-quality proteins, to help ensure you meet your dietary protein needs and helps curb your appetite for better compliance–even when you’re restricting calories.
Choose from over 70 high-protein meal replacements
Scientifically designed for optimal nutrition and weight loss
Delicious tasting meals for at home or on the go
Easy to make
Start losing weight and getting healthy today with the Focus28 High-Protein Diet Plan!

Weight loss for men

Men may tend to be leaner and have more muscle, but when men gain weight, they tend to gain it around the mid-section – the beer belly. Unfortunately, weight around the gut correlates to increased health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Men might have a slight genetic advantage when it comes to muscle mass, but when obesity strikes, the counter is true, the beer gut carries more risk.

Unfortunately, it seems to be taboo for men to discuss or admit to being overweight. Or concerns are deflected with humor and jokes, “it’s not a six pack, it’s a kegger.”

Being overweight carries medical problems and reduced confidence and affects the quality of life for men (and women)
But the reality is that being overweight carries medical problems and reduced confidence and affects quality of life for men (and women). And while the stigma isn’t as bad – everyone notices the fat guy at the pool.

Focus28 is geared to fuel the male fat burning engine

Because men are naturally more muscular and tend toward less body fat (when not overweight), jump starting the fat burning machine for men can be a bit easier. By combining portion control, reduced calories, and higher protein ratios, the male metabolism shifts into default mode. It starts to burn fat and maintain and build muscle with the additional protein.

Better nutrition and small portions leads to weight loss

By returning to regular portion sizes and maintaining a regular eating schedule (every 2-3 hours), a man can start to see fast results when dieting. Focus28’s male targeted weight loss systems help the process by controlling carbohydrates, increasing protein, and by restoring proper nutrition – correcting typical vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Focus28’s diet plans for men include more protein by allowing larger lean/green portions and additional protein snacks and supplements – so being hungry is never a problem. And if a concern or problem should arise, rest assured, Focus28’s team is ready to help support men throughout their diet – and we’ll keep it a secret too.

Special Diet Kits

Sometimes you don’t require a complete diet program. Maybe you simply need a week to rededicate yourself to eating healthy. Or perhaps you’re looking for yummy desserts that are also good for you (and won’t add pounds). Well you’re in luck – Focus28 has created several diet mini-kits that can satisfy your wants and desires.

Decadent, delicious desserts

For those craving a tasty treat, or those with a sweet tooth, Focus28’s “Triple D” Diet Mini-Kit is a must. Combining some of our most scrumptious and heavenly (or is that devilish) dessert options – but none more than 160 calories – it will certainly quell the dessert cravings.

Gluten-Free Diet Food Sampler

For our our gluten sensitive or allergic comrades we’ve pulled together some of our best gluten-free foods. Sure, you could try before you buy our programs (our weight loss consultants will help you design a gluten-free program) but you can also use these choice selections to supplement or replace meals throughout the day. Maybe you’re on the go and can’t carry a gluten-free meal with you – but you can grab a Chocomint Protein Diet Bar and snack away.

Shake It n’ Slim It Kit

Sounds yummy, sounds fun. Well this diet min-kit combines some of our most popular chilled drinks, smoothies, and pudding/shakes into a perfect summer (or any time) snack pack. You’ll get protein, low carbs, and no more than 100 calories with every delicious drink.

The Get Skinny Mini-Kit

This is the perfect jump start to any diet program. Wondering if Focus28 is right for you? Or just curious how good everything tastes? Well, the Get Skinny Mini-Kit will provide all the answers. Or if you’re a current or former Focus28 client – maybe you’re looking to rekindle your diet – this kit will show you the way.

Diabetic Friendly Weight Loss

Overweight diabetics, pre-diabetics, and glucose sensitive individuals suffer a double risk of health complications due to insulin troubles and obesity. Weight loss solutions don’t always offer a wide variety of options.

Small frequent meals, low carbs, and protein all help to avoid blood sugar or insulin spikes during the day. Focus28 products are designed and formulated to have minimal impact on blood glucose levels. Most Focus28 diet foods are low glycemic and the carbohydrates used are complex carbs that are complemented by fiber which helps slow the absorption of carbohydrates.

A substantial portion of Focus28 diet food calories are derived from protein. Protein does does not usually affect glucose levels adversely. Though high amounts of protein are eaten daily, they’re consumed in small, nutritionally dense meals, every 2-3 hours. Small frequent meals, low carbs, and protein all help to avoid blood sugar or insulin spikes or drops.

Nutrition is important for glucose sensitive dieters

Maintaining a balanced diet and losing weight can vastly improve or reduce medical complications of diabetes or near-diabetic conditions. Focus28 diabetic programs are carefully formulated to provide optimum weight loss, safely, without peaks or valleys in glucose levels. When combined with regular monitoring, supervision*, and additional healthy meals, Focus28 can be the ideal weight loss diet solution for glucose sensitive individuals.

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2), Prediabetes, and Insulin Resistance

Diabetes and insulin related conditions are a growing health concern, affecting more than 25 million Americans. Having diabetes means the body cannot properly regulate glucose levels in the blood. Insufficient insulin is produced or the body’s cells have developed a resistance and higher than normal levels of insulin are required. In either case, if left untreated, it can lead to serious health consequences. For many people, diabetes can be controlled or prevented/delayed (if there’s a family history) by understanding its risk factors and making important lifestyle changes. Minimizing sugar and carbs in the diet and exercising daily are important steps. Diabetes is directly related to obesity so losing weight is also incredibly helpful in managing or reversing diabetes or diabetic-like conditions. Doctors will often prescribe weight loss as part of the treatment of diabetic conditions since a lower body mass index (BMI) translates into less strain on the pancreas and generally improved insulin response.

Focus28 has created a weight loss program and has formulated a special line of “diabetes friendly” nutritional products to help individuals with type 2 diabetes lose weight safely and effectively. The calories, carbohydrates, and sugars in the Focus28 Diabetic-Friendly Program fall within the American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet guidelines.

Maintenance After Losing Weight

Many diet programs help people lose weight, but few continue to help you keep the weight off. Yo-Yo dieting is a common issue for many struggling with their weight; and research shows that dieters who follow a structured weight loss program can regain 75% or more of their lost weight. Focus28 realizes that ongoing support is crucial to weight maintenance – and we’re committed to providing it. Our plans offer casual follow-up for a long while after you’ve reached your goal. After all – we don’t simply sell you food and leave you.

But for those serious about keeping their new figures

Focus28 Diet & Weight Loss realizes that ongoing support is crucial to weight maintenance – and we’re committed to providing it. We offer our long-term maintenance program, Life-Focus. Life-Focus guarantees regular contact with your FocusPro. One month, two months, one year after you’ve reached your weight loss goal – your FocusPro team will still be in touch. Typically, your weight will be monitored to curtail the slow gradual weight gain that trips up most successful dieters. By calling every week or so and asking for your current weight, the FocusPro team can intercede and recommend corrective action before things spiral out of control. Maybe the intervention is a quick two week diet or the replacement of nightly snack with Focus28 desserts. Whatever the solution, the FocusPro team will stand by you to help you long-term.

Education during and after

Just as your FocusPro team helped you during your weight loss to retrain your brain and your perception of portions and food in general – your education continues with Life-Focus, long after you’ve lost the weight. From information on how to keep up your physcial activity to the latest information on nutrition and supplements – the FocusPro team keeps you aware and mindful of your body.

The FocusPro team is also trained to identify subtle cues identified by the National Weight Control Registry. The Registry, which tracked more than 5,000 dieters who lost more than 30 pounds, found the “secrets” to staying at your goal weight over time – with Life-Focus your FocusPro team teaches you the secrets and what to watch for to prevent a backward slide.

Our Difference: Food + Workout + Support

What Are Some Factors that We Know Contribute to Maintaining a Healthy Weight?
Regular Exercise
Frequent, small meals (not one or two large meals)
Eating Breakfast
Avoiding trigger foods and handling trigger situations
Self-Monitoring – Weighing yourself regularly and setting limits on weight gain
Having long term accountability and follow up
Compliance and retention are key to any weight loss plan, and dieters have been enjoying our great tasting products for over many years. They find the meal plans to be simple to follow, with satisfying options for all their daily eating occasions. Remember, it’s also about weight maintenance, not just weight loss. Our program not only stresses education and changing your behavior, but dieters continue using our products as part of their new lifestyle to stay at the healthy weight they’ve achieved. They comment that they prefer our products to anything they are able to find on retail shelves or online.
Focus28 knows weight loss and management is a life-long journey.
Exercise is a necessary component for weight management and overall health. Once you’re ready to adopt an effective exercise routine, the Focus28 ISO-Towel Workout is a perfect solution for quicker weight loss through exercise. All it takes is a towel and 10 minutes a day! Over the years, Focus28 has proven that people are far more successful at reaching their fitness goals when they increase the frequency, increase the intensity, and decrease the total time spent working out. Studies show regular daily exercise beats working out 2-3 times per week. With the ISO-Towel it’s easy to exercise daily.

Focus28 knows weight management is a life-long journey. We dedicate our efforts to be your support system for questions, advice, motivation, guidance and any other support you need to reach your weight loss goals. We’re ready to take this journey together. Reach out to one of our FocusPros and see the Focus28 difference!

Why Focus28 Is The Best Weight Loss Solution

A Medical Heritage

The Focus28 diet was developed to satisfy the unique needs of bariatric patients: easily digestible, nutritionally dense, portion controlled, and most importantly, delicious and satisfying.

Weight Loss Success Gets NoticedWeight Loss Success Gets Noticed

Many of the bariatric patients using Focus28 continued on the plan to maintain their weight or to continue losing. Our nutritionists, scientists, and medical professionals reworked the bariatric plan and the Focus28 Weight Loss Program was created.

Food + Workout + SupportFood + Workout + Support

Focus28 promotes healthy, safe, hunger-free weight loss. High-quality diet foods, exercise, and support is a proven formula for success. It’s a weight loss solution that’s focused on you. It works; we confidently back it with our satisfaction guarantee.

Food + Workout + Support

It’s SimpleIt’s Simple
The Focus28 Program is easy to follow. Eat six times a day; seven servings of our food and one lean, green meal. A multi-vitamin is included and drinking plenty of water is encouraged. No counting points, no exchanges, no counting calories. Diet food is pre-portioned and requires little prep or cooking. Generally it’s add water, mix, eat.

Tasty, Healthy FoodTasty, Healthy Food

Designed to taste delicious and satisfy, you’ll eat every 2-3 hours so you’re never hungry. Food choices include an assortment of entrees, shakes, puddings, snacks, and more – there’s even cake!

Our foods are carbohydrate controlled, rich in fiber, and fortified with vitamins and minerals. Protein is a key component – each of our servings contains between 10-15 grams of high quality protein. During calorie restriction, protein is essential to the body – it keeps energy levels up, increases metabolism, and maintains and promotes lean muscle. Research shows that protein helps to stabilize insulin levels in the blood – affecting your metabolism, encouraging fat burning and faster weight loss.

Choose Your Program

Focus28 Diet & Weight Loss has worked with physicians and other experts in nutrition, fitness, health and wellness to develop a variety of programs to suit almost every individual weight loss need. Whether you need to lose 10 pounds or a hundred pounds (or more), there is a program designed to help you reach your goal.

You can review our program options online, or if you prefer, you can call us at 877-824-2828 any time of the day or night to speak with one of our trained FocusPros who will be happy to help you choose the program best suited to your individual needs.

Whether this is your first attempt to lose weight, or you’ve tried to lose weight unsuccessfully in the past, Focus28 will work closely with you to understand your goals, lifestyle requirements and/or special circumstances. And we’ll set you up with the program that will help you breach your weight loss goal.