Weight loss for men

Men may tend to be leaner and have more muscle, but when men gain weight, they tend to gain it around the mid-section – the beer belly. Unfortunately, weight around the gut correlates to increased health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Men might have a slight genetic advantage when it comes to muscle mass, but when obesity strikes, the counter is true, the beer gut carries more risk.

Unfortunately, it seems to be taboo for men to discuss or admit to being overweight. Or concerns are deflected with humor and jokes, “it’s not a six pack, it’s a kegger.”

Being overweight carries medical problems and reduced confidence and affects the quality of life for men (and women)
But the reality is that being overweight carries medical problems and reduced confidence and affects quality of life for men (and women). And while the stigma isn’t as bad – everyone notices the fat guy at the pool.

Focus28 is geared to fuel the male fat burning engine

Because men are naturally more muscular and tend toward less body fat (when not overweight), jump starting the fat burning machine for men can be a bit easier. By combining portion control, reduced calories, and higher protein ratios, the male metabolism shifts into default mode. It starts to burn fat and maintain and build muscle with the additional protein.

Better nutrition and small portions leads to weight loss

By returning to regular portion sizes and maintaining a regular eating schedule (every 2-3 hours), a man can start to see fast results when dieting. Focus28’s male targeted weight loss systems help the process by controlling carbohydrates, increasing protein, and by restoring proper nutrition – correcting typical vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Focus28’s diet plans for men include more protein by allowing larger lean/green portions and additional protein snacks and supplements – so being hungry is never a problem. And if a concern or problem should arise, rest assured, Focus28’s team is ready to help support men throughout their diet – and we’ll keep it a secret too.