Psoriasis, stress, and self-care

Do you find there’s too little time to take care of your skin? Since psoriasis is triggered by stress, maybe it’s best to slow down a bit. You’ll thank yourself later. Here are examples of people who are dealing with psoriasis in the best ways possible.


The first is singer Cyndi Lauper. In 2010, she was diagnosed with severe psoriasis. It spread all over her body. Her busy family life and career left her little room to manage symptoms. But now she is an outspoken advocate for self-care and stress management to keep psoriasis under control.

The second is Cara Delevingne; model turned actress. Just imagine her dismay at psoriasis flare-ups when she was doing runway shows for Fashion Week. She said that people working with her would don gloves because her skin looked leprous.

Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, also have psoriasis. And the list of people with the condition continues with singer Art Garfunkel, former America’s Next Top Model CariDee English, and singer LeAnn Rimes.

The stars mentioned above said that they had to experiment to find what worked best to manage symptoms. For example, Cyndi Lauper found that meditation and lowering stress was key. LeAnn Rimes changed her diet. Moreover, Kim Kardashian found ways to disguise the scaly red skin and white patches.

As you try different approaches to eliminating your psoriasis flare-ups, two other steps can help your skin improve. The first is to use a moisturizing body wash that won’t irritate the skin. You’ll find that mild bath soap will prevent dryness that can trigger psoriasis.

Then, if your scalp is symptomatic, try a psoriasis shampoo. The best shampoos for psoriasis contain salicylic acid or coal tar to stop the itching and flaking. And they protect against future flare-ups, too.

Tips on Nail Care in the Fall

When the autumn season arrives, there are many things you may have to care about in different ways and more frequently. Because, it is the season when the temperature is changed and the humidity level also fluctuates.

So the best way to take care of your personal needs is to make necessary changes in your personal care routine. Among the many things to care about, nails are one of the most important aspects of your body that need proper care during the fall season.

Tips on Nail Care

Why do you need to care more for your nails in fall?

There are many reasons to take care of your nails in fall because of the increased dry winds, changing temperatures, and many other things that affect the nails in different ways.

How to care for your nails to keep them healthy this fall?

There are multiple ways to take care of your nails in the fall and we’ll discuss some of the most important and best ones so that you may take care of your nails to keep them looking healthy and maintained:

Keep your hands manicured

It is the best that you may keep your nails manicured as it will keep your nails in shape, coated for protection and free from nail problems like brittleness and broken or damaged edges.

Maintain overall hygiene of the nails

Keep the nails free from dirt and extra moisture to avoid infections. Clean them and file or buff for better shape and the maintenance of proper shine.

 Use quality gel nail polish with base and top coat for ultimate nail protection

To maintain your manicure, you may use gel nail polish with opi gel base and top coat system to keep nails away from getting damaged or brittle due to the external effects.

Make use of cuticle oil

Proper and regular use of cuticle oil helps in maintaining the texture of the nails as well as keep the cuticle soft so that it can be pushed easily. This helps in keeping the nails in shape and in good form.

Use baby oil

Use baby oil to treat your hands and that will also keep the nails hydrated and shiny despite the adverse effect of the fall season.

Try using nail baths whenever it is possible for you:

Though sometimes it feels a bit hassle when you need to get a nail bath but truly helps in maintain a good shape, texture, shine and healthy color of the nails. You may try dipping your nails  with lds dip powder into following different bath bowls:

Salt water bath

Dipping the nails into lukewarm, salted water helps in getting rid of the hidden microbes and germs in the nails. But make sure not to dip the nails for too long or too frequently.

Baby oil bath or vegetable oil bath

Try dipping your nails in an oil filled bowl and keep them dipped for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure not to rinse with water or soap and leave the hands covered with the thin layer of oil and wear-on gloves so that maximum oil gets absorbed. This ensures shiny, healthy and strong nails with perfect shine on them.

Honey pack for your nails

As a fact honey contains all essential ingredients to support hair, skin and nail health. Applying honey on your nails may help in keeping them maintain their strong yet brittle free texture so that the nails may not break or get chipped off even after using dnd nail polish on a regular basis.

Always make sure you keep your nails clean and filed so that there are lesser chances of damaging your nails. In addition to that, it is better to keep your nails hydrate in the fall season as they get dry out quickly due to decreasing humidity and cold dry winds. Make sure to keep them hydrated by using the moisturizers, oils and necessary conditioning agents.

Using the proper nail care products and coats on the nails may also help in keeping them free from damages and avoid drying out effects of external changes and seasonal conditions. It is always better to intake fresh foods, fruits and vegetables and lots of water to make sure the nails stay healthier and shinier even in the fall and winter season.

Best Crested Gecko Diet

Crested geckos are native to New Caledonia. These gentle creatures are also one of those easy to manage reptiles that many hobbyists have found to be an interesting species to keep as a pet. These unique creatures reach an adult size of about 6″-7″ from snout to tail and weighs an average of 50 grams for a female and about 35-40 grams for a male. If you can provide the simple requirements that they need, you will be assured that you can keep one of these tame creatures for a long time. Note that records indicate that these exotic pets can live up to 15 years if, given the proper care, some even live longer.

Females in captivity have been reported to have a shorter lifespan, primarily due to breeding. Breeding, in general, not only creates a lot of demand for their nutrition stores (especially calcium) but may also cause emergency health situations like egg binding and prolapsed cloaca. Sources also indicate that this is a more common occurrence in captivity than in the wild and points to factors as improper care, rapid growth, or unique lizard requirements that many reptile owners have yet to unravel. Considering this, it is best that you choose a male juvenile or sub-adult for a pet instead as reproduction issues will be most likely not a problem with them.

One of the factors that any reptile hobbyist has to be well aware of is the diet that his pet will be most likely be feeding on.

What will your crested gecko eat?

A staple in a crested gecko’s diet is insects, primarily, mealworms and crickets, as these insects provide the energy that it most needs. For many lizard keepers, crickets are considered the best choice as it is easily accessible. They are also rich in vitamins and other minerals that your pet needs to stay healthy. They should be offered about three times a week if considered as a primary diet or once a week if provided as a treat/supplement to your pet’s diet. You also need to dust live prey with calcium and gut load them with foods that you would normally feed your gecko to ensure that they receive the essential healthy elements that they need. Remember, however, that the biggest cricket or insect that you should feed your gecko should not be bigger than its head.

Commercial powdered diets or meal replacement powders (MRP) are also great substitutes for a great crested gecko diet. They are usually packed with all the essential nutrients and vitamins that your pet needs. The better MRP options are the Repashy Superfoods and Pangea Fruit Mix Complete Gecko Diet. You can offer a mixture of Repashy Superfoods with two parts water in shallow dishes three times a week to your gecko. If after 36 hours there are still some leftover in the dish, you will need to remove it and clean the food dish and have it ready for your pet’s next meal.

For the experienced hobbyists, homemade diets are another good option. However, preparing a meal will need more time and can also be risky to a pet’s health. If you consider offering your pet homemade diets, you need to remember that insects should make up a larger portion of its diet. You also need to make sure to learn more about the foods that are considered safe for crested geckos.

How frequent will a crested gecko need to eat?

A crested gecko’s eating habit is influenced by several factors like metabolism, body size, and its age. You will need to observe your pet’s eating habit to avoid potential health issues if its feeding requirement is not met.

Note that there are geckos that eat every night, but there are also those that eat only a few times a week. During the cold season, they may have a reduced appetite, so they may be eating less and less frequently. The warmer months generally will increase their metabolism and appetite, however.

If your pet stops eating for some time, you do not need to worry. Remember that a healthy gecko can go for several weeks without eating. If  you don’t see any signs of eating for about three weeks, instead is showing signs of illness, you may need to bring your pet to a vet.

When looking for the best crested gecko food, make sure to have high-quality crested gecko food to offer to your pet. You also need to remember that food is just one of many other things that you need to provide to your crested gecko so that it will remain healthy and satisfied. Appropriate supplements should be provided together with the food that you offer as well as proper hydration. You also need to make sure that your pet’s enclosure is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected as needed. Any signs of illness should also be treated right away with the help of a reliable veterinarian. To increase the lifespan of a breeding female crested gecko (if you have one), it is best to keep its weight to about 40 grams at all times.

Even with common care and handling problems, crested geckos are still considered easy to manage. If you plan to own one, consider these recommendations to ensure that your gecko will be healthy while under your care.

The Science Behind Our Success

High quality dietary protein serves a variety of important functions during calorie restriction. Protein is associated with increased satiety, better maintenance of metabolic rate as well as providing a vital supply of essential amino acids to maintain lean body mass.

Protein is particularly important during weight loss for maintenance of lean body mass. When there is an energy deficit the need for protein increases since some amino acids will be diverted to producing energy for critical metabolic functions. While a standard diet needs to provide at least 0.8 grams of protein per kg of body weight, the calorie restricted diet should provide between 1.2 to 1.5 grams of protein per kg of desired body weight.

Including nutritionally formulated products, custom designed for use with Focus28 low calorie meal plans, will assure that dieters obtain an optimal amount of high quality, lean protein on a daily basis. Supplemental protein as an integral part of a comprehensive weight management program will facilitate successful weight loss and long term maintenance.

Weight loss for women

Women generally require fewer calories per day, but need more nutrition. Women also tend to have higher body fat percentages and less lean muscle mass. Evolution has tailored a woman’s body for reproduction – it is programmed to store fat – to maintain adequate calories in case there’s a famine.

Of course, today famine isn’t much of a risk. In fact the opposite is true – overabundance is the norm. But a woman’s body is still programmed to hoard calories and store fat. It’s why a male and female, of similar height and weight, can start a diet and exercise routine and the man will lose weight more easily. The female body does not want to give up its fat stores.

Focus28’s diets enhance a woman’s fat burning metabolism

Our weight loss program provides portion controlled, reduced calorie meal replacements, supplements, and snacks that are high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and low in bad carbohydrates. By controlling portion size, calories, and increasing protein as a portion of overall calories the body is forced to burn fat.Eating every 2-3 hours keeps a woman’s metabolism active, and by switching to high protein consumption the body is coerced into increased thermogenesis. Simply, it takes more energy to digest calories from protein (1), so the body (the metabolism) keeps working and using more calories.

By controlling portion size and calories, and increasing protein as a portion of overall calories, the body is forced to burn fat quickly. But the increased protein maintains and can promote lean muscle mass – which only speeds up the metabolism more.

Proper nutrition for women is important and included

Woman need more nutrients and unique combinations of vitamins and minerals. Women generally require more iron than men and can benefit from more calcium. The Focus28 solution includes woman focused nutrition as an integral part of all our women’s weight loss programs. From two weeks up to twelve weeks and into maintenance, Focus28 is focused on your weight loss and health!

The Benefits of Protein

high-protein-weightlossWith all the fuss about high-protein diets, you might wonder how protein really makes a difference when you’re trying to lose weight. At Focus28, we help you make the most effective use of protein for weight loss.

High-Protein Diets Work Because…

As the body’s “architect,” protein plays a vital role in building and maintaining body structures. From muscles, tendons, ligaments, and the brain to our circulatory, immune system, skin and other organs – protein is essential for them all. These structures need a regular supply of “fresh” protein to build new cells. Unfortunately, when you cut calories to lose weight, you tend to cut protein-rich foods out of your diet. Without protein, your body tissues start to break down.

All protein consists of amino acids. When you eat protein-rich foods, your body breaks down the protein into its amino acids and rebuilds them in specific sequences to form the structures it needs. However, your body can’t make nine specific amino acids (called essential amino acids), so it relies on your daily food intake for its necessary supply.

Research shows that protein-based meals fill you up more than a carbohydrate-based meal. Protein is number one for resulting in the most satiety or fullness. As a result, protein gives food its “staying power” so you’ll feel less hungry for longer.

Lose Fat, Build Muscle

Quality protein in your diet is the single most important calorie that influences your metabolic rate, which results in weight loss. In addition to melting away fat, protein helps you to sustain muscle while losing weight. It also improves muscle fitness, immunity, antioxidant function, builds HDL cholesterol and enhances unsulin and leptin function – all of which contribute to optimal weight management efforts over time.

The Focus28 Approach to Losing Weight with Protein

All of the Focus28 high-protein, fat-burning meal replacements are scientifically prepared using the appropriate nutritional daily values and are guaranteed to promote weight loss. Our nutritional, protein-rich supplements (such as Crispy Cinnamon, Crispy Peanut and Crispy Fudge & Graham Bars) play a key role in your weight loss program. Each product provides complete, high-quality proteins, to help ensure you meet your dietary protein needs and helps curb your appetite for better compliance–even when you’re restricting calories.
Choose from over 70 high-protein meal replacements
Scientifically designed for optimal nutrition and weight loss
Delicious tasting meals for at home or on the go
Easy to make
Start losing weight and getting healthy today with the Focus28 High-Protein Diet Plan!

Weight loss for men

Men may tend to be leaner and have more muscle, but when men gain weight, they tend to gain it around the mid-section – the beer belly. Unfortunately, weight around the gut correlates to increased health risks such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension. Men might have a slight genetic advantage when it comes to muscle mass, but when obesity strikes, the counter is true, the beer gut carries more risk.

Unfortunately, it seems to be taboo for men to discuss or admit to being overweight. Or concerns are deflected with humor and jokes, “it’s not a six pack, it’s a kegger.”

Being overweight carries medical problems and reduced confidence and affects the quality of life for men (and women)
But the reality is that being overweight carries medical problems and reduced confidence and affects quality of life for men (and women). And while the stigma isn’t as bad – everyone notices the fat guy at the pool.

Focus28 is geared to fuel the male fat burning engine

Because men are naturally more muscular and tend toward less body fat (when not overweight), jump starting the fat burning machine for men can be a bit easier. By combining portion control, reduced calories, and higher protein ratios, the male metabolism shifts into default mode. It starts to burn fat and maintain and build muscle with the additional protein.

Better nutrition and small portions leads to weight loss

By returning to regular portion sizes and maintaining a regular eating schedule (every 2-3 hours), a man can start to see fast results when dieting. Focus28’s male targeted weight loss systems help the process by controlling carbohydrates, increasing protein, and by restoring proper nutrition – correcting typical vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Focus28’s diet plans for men include more protein by allowing larger lean/green portions and additional protein snacks and supplements – so being hungry is never a problem. And if a concern or problem should arise, rest assured, Focus28’s team is ready to help support men throughout their diet – and we’ll keep it a secret too.

Special Diet Kits

Sometimes you don’t require a complete diet program. Maybe you simply need a week to rededicate yourself to eating healthy. Or perhaps you’re looking for yummy desserts that are also good for you (and won’t add pounds). Well you’re in luck – Focus28 has created several diet mini-kits that can satisfy your wants and desires.

Decadent, delicious desserts

For those craving a tasty treat, or those with a sweet tooth, Focus28’s “Triple D” Diet Mini-Kit is a must. Combining some of our most scrumptious and heavenly (or is that devilish) dessert options – but none more than 160 calories – it will certainly quell the dessert cravings.

Gluten-Free Diet Food Sampler

For our our gluten sensitive or allergic comrades we’ve pulled together some of our best gluten-free foods. Sure, you could try before you buy our programs (our weight loss consultants will help you design a gluten-free program) but you can also use these choice selections to supplement or replace meals throughout the day. Maybe you’re on the go and can’t carry a gluten-free meal with you – but you can grab a Chocomint Protein Diet Bar and snack away.

Shake It n’ Slim It Kit

Sounds yummy, sounds fun. Well this diet min-kit combines some of our most popular chilled drinks, smoothies, and pudding/shakes into a perfect summer (or any time) snack pack. You’ll get protein, low carbs, and no more than 100 calories with every delicious drink.

The Get Skinny Mini-Kit

This is the perfect jump start to any diet program. Wondering if Focus28 is right for you? Or just curious how good everything tastes? Well, the Get Skinny Mini-Kit will provide all the answers. Or if you’re a current or former Focus28 client – maybe you’re looking to rekindle your diet – this kit will show you the way.

Diabetic Friendly Weight Loss

Overweight diabetics, pre-diabetics, and glucose sensitive individuals suffer a double risk of health complications due to insulin troubles and obesity. Weight loss solutions don’t always offer a wide variety of options.

Small frequent meals, low carbs, and protein all help to avoid blood sugar or insulin spikes during the day. Focus28 products are designed and formulated to have minimal impact on blood glucose levels. Most Focus28 diet foods are low glycemic and the carbohydrates used are complex carbs that are complemented by fiber which helps slow the absorption of carbohydrates.

A substantial portion of Focus28 diet food calories are derived from protein. Protein does does not usually affect glucose levels adversely. Though high amounts of protein are eaten daily, they’re consumed in small, nutritionally dense meals, every 2-3 hours. Small frequent meals, low carbs, and protein all help to avoid blood sugar or insulin spikes or drops.

Nutrition is important for glucose sensitive dieters

Maintaining a balanced diet and losing weight can vastly improve or reduce medical complications of diabetes or near-diabetic conditions. Focus28 diabetic programs are carefully formulated to provide optimum weight loss, safely, without peaks or valleys in glucose levels. When combined with regular monitoring, supervision*, and additional healthy meals, Focus28 can be the ideal weight loss diet solution for glucose sensitive individuals.

Diabetes Mellitus (Type 2), Prediabetes, and Insulin Resistance

Diabetes and insulin related conditions are a growing health concern, affecting more than 25 million Americans. Having diabetes means the body cannot properly regulate glucose levels in the blood. Insufficient insulin is produced or the body’s cells have developed a resistance and higher than normal levels of insulin are required. In either case, if left untreated, it can lead to serious health consequences. For many people, diabetes can be controlled or prevented/delayed (if there’s a family history) by understanding its risk factors and making important lifestyle changes. Minimizing sugar and carbs in the diet and exercising daily are important steps. Diabetes is directly related to obesity so losing weight is also incredibly helpful in managing or reversing diabetes or diabetic-like conditions. Doctors will often prescribe weight loss as part of the treatment of diabetic conditions since a lower body mass index (BMI) translates into less strain on the pancreas and generally improved insulin response.

Focus28 has created a weight loss program and has formulated a special line of “diabetes friendly” nutritional products to help individuals with type 2 diabetes lose weight safely and effectively. The calories, carbohydrates, and sugars in the Focus28 Diabetic-Friendly Program fall within the American Diabetes Association (ADA) diet guidelines.

Maintenance After Losing Weight

Many diet programs help people lose weight, but few continue to help you keep the weight off. Yo-Yo dieting is a common issue for many struggling with their weight; and research shows that dieters who follow a structured weight loss program can regain 75% or more of their lost weight. Focus28 realizes that ongoing support is crucial to weight maintenance – and we’re committed to providing it. Our plans offer casual follow-up for a long while after you’ve reached your goal. After all – we don’t simply sell you food and leave you.

But for those serious about keeping their new figures

Focus28 Diet & Weight Loss realizes that ongoing support is crucial to weight maintenance – and we’re committed to providing it. We offer our long-term maintenance program, Life-Focus. Life-Focus guarantees regular contact with your FocusPro. One month, two months, one year after you’ve reached your weight loss goal – your FocusPro team will still be in touch. Typically, your weight will be monitored to curtail the slow gradual weight gain that trips up most successful dieters. By calling every week or so and asking for your current weight, the FocusPro team can intercede and recommend corrective action before things spiral out of control. Maybe the intervention is a quick two week diet or the replacement of nightly snack with Focus28 desserts. Whatever the solution, the FocusPro team will stand by you to help you long-term.

Education during and after

Just as your FocusPro team helped you during your weight loss to retrain your brain and your perception of portions and food in general – your education continues with Life-Focus, long after you’ve lost the weight. From information on how to keep up your physcial activity to the latest information on nutrition and supplements – the FocusPro team keeps you aware and mindful of your body.

The FocusPro team is also trained to identify subtle cues identified by the National Weight Control Registry. The Registry, which tracked more than 5,000 dieters who lost more than 30 pounds, found the “secrets” to staying at your goal weight over time – with Life-Focus your FocusPro team teaches you the secrets and what to watch for to prevent a backward slide.