The Mistakes of Choosing Gel Polish That Make Your Nails Ugly

Gel polish is currently the best solution to help you have beautiful, shiny nails and it can keep the color longer than regular nail polish. However, if you don’t understand clearly about the quality of gel polish and gel nail polish techniques, your hands can become ugly. As you know, beautifying as well as having beautiful nails is a process. Therefore, you should find out which gel nail polish is easiest to use and suitable for you. After many surveys, according to statistics, we have a suggestion for you, OPI gel polish will be the most perfect choice for you.

There are many reasons why OPI gel polish color have become a trend among ladies of all ages. For example, you don’t have to spend a lot of time waiting for the paint to dry, which means you will avoid smearing or smearing the nail polish when it is not completely dry. A nail set of OPI gel polish will last about 21 days or maybe a month, much longer than you would choose a regular nail polish and it also retains its shine for a long time. Of course, not many gel nail polish brands can last as long and have high gloss as OPI gel polish.

However, not taking good care of your nails when applying gel polish can also make your nails look worse.

Let’s Take a Look at the Following Mistakes

Remove the Gel Polish

If you want a beautiful new pair of hands, the first thing you need to do is remove the old gel polish. You have spent a lot of time on doing nails and also keeping it on your nails for a long time, which of course also takes a while to remove all of them. If you don’t have time to visit a nail salon, you should have at home a special kit to remove gel polish. OPI gel polish is an easy to soak product and it does not damage your nails if you do it in the right way.

Essential Tips to Fix Nugenesis Nails at Home

With a Nugenesis product, you can keep your nail beautiful on a low budget without having to break through the bank. Unlike other brands, Nugenesis dip nails help many individuals keep up a good and healthy appearance at home without any stress. There are various designs, models, and colors of this brand, so choose the preferred color which suits your skin and outfit. For several years, Nugenesis has been commonly accepted across various continents and has proven efficient for end-users.

You can check the nearest nail store or online market to get your desired Nugenesis product choice. Their latest design comes with a Nugenesis dip kit which helps customers have all the necessary gadgets to maintain healthy and beautiful nails at home. These kits are also suited to fit each product design with laid-out instructions on usage.

Comparing Nugenesis dip powder to other gel nail manicure product

Well, all nail products have their advantages and demerits. However, Nugenesis dip powder nails are widely accepted across different continents because the manufacturer enables the product to be usable while at home without any professional expertise. Furthermore, people love to use dip powder because it is relatively cheap and has lesser side effects.

Problems Faced During Makeup on Oily Skin and Their Remedies

Of all the skin types, oily skin has always been the hardest to handle. The abundance of oil and sebum production makes it very hard to let the makeup stay on your skin. In addition, it also worsens the situation by clogging the pores and causing acne. While doing makeup on such a skin, it is very important to be careful about the nature of the skin type. To give you a better understanding about the complications associated with the makeup of oily skin, this article will be very helpful for you. It will serve as a guide to avoid such problems from occurring and give you an oil-free, matte makeup look.

Typical problems of oily skin

Among the various problems faced by oily skin, one major one is the settling of makeup. Due to the excessive production of oil and sebum, makeup products simply wash off and don’t stay for longer. It is also difficult to get good coverage when you have a lot of oil on your skin. Beauty experts suggest the use of the best Korean foundation for oily skin. It not only provides good coverage but also controls the oil production by sealing the oil glands. The finish provided by this foundation is totally matte which is a great plus point.

Another problem that is typically faced is clogging of pores. The moment you apply any product, it gets dumped into the pores and locks them. The layers of makeup being deposited will ultimately lead to blackheads and whiteheads.

Acne and pimple breakouts are also very common. Due to entrapment of oil, breakouts are frequent and more worse than usual. These breakouts also lead to infections sometimes.

9 Best Gel Polish Kits for Gel Nail Lovers

If you are someone that does not get enough time to follow the latest nail trends, do not prefer longer nails, and want your nail color to last longer then you can definitely opt for gel nails. There is no better way to treat yourself like a lavish gel manicure. A gel manicure not only lasts longer but is also chip-free as compared to the regular acrylic nails. The regular lacquers chip off in a few days, while the gel manicure lasts for more than 2 weeks. The gel manicures are 3 times durable than the regular ones. You won’t need to visit your salon over and over again. The best thing about the gel colors is that it looks good on both long and short nails.

How long does a gel color last? 

The greatest advantage of getting your nails done is it’s longevity. If you have a number of occasions lined up such as interviews, marriage, or vacations, gel nails can be your easy solution. For longer and stronger nails, you must prep your nails, hydrate them and take care while doing any task. If you take enough care of your nails, they can also last up to 4 weeks. 

How to apply Gel polish?

Applying a OPI gel colors set is a quick application process as compared to the regular acrylic colors. Also, these colors dry quickly under a UV/Led lamp in a few minutes. Gel nail polish is generally applied in 3 steps:

Best Clean and Clear Face Wash

Top 6 Best Clean and Clear Face Wash for All Skin Types

Face wash is as important as your any other daily use product. Most people just ignore the fact that face wash should also meet the specifications and requirements of the skin type. Instead of getting a perfectly compatible face wash for their skin, mostly people just buy any random product and use it without thinking that it might be damaging their skin instead of clearing it. Now that you know how important it is to get a face wash that suits and goes well with your skin, you better don’t mess up next time while getting one for you. Here are a few of the best face washes of all times that will help you achieve clean and clear skin.

CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser Moisturizing NonFoaming Face Wash

Amazon best-selling product B07RL88DD2

CeraVe daily moisturizing face wash is certified to reduce redness while it gently cleanses your face and removes all the dirt and debris. Along with that, it moisturizes your skin and makes it soft and smooth when you wash it off from your face. Without forming any foam it perfectly removes the tiniest bit of impurities from your skin, making it clear and clean.

Shea Moisture Facial Wash

Amazon best-selling product B00DAGQV4K

Shea Moisture face wash is made up of natural ingredients which give a gentle cleansing to your skin. This product is the most efficiently acting face wash for black skin and it’s extraordinary rinsing properties show results within days. It is infused with soothing and refreshing components so it acts very different from the ordinary face washes. Massaging it for a few seconds on your face will extract out all the trapped grime leaving your skin perfectly clean. You should definitely try it out and enjoy its benefits.

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar Exfoliating Face Wash

Amazon best-selling product B07SQXPW35

WOW Apple Cider Vinegar face wash is perfect for acne prone skin which experiences frequent breakouts. It exfoliates and uplifts weak skin cells which are getting damaged because of excessive dirt deposits. Apple Cider Vinegar being the primary ingredient which helps in getting rid of acne as well as cleanses the skin. It is perfect for all those people who hesitate to use any product fearing from over drying or excessive chemical exposure.

Best Way to Clean Tattoo

Best Way to Clean Tattoo: How to Clean Things?

One important process in tattoo aftercare is the proper cleaning of the inked area. This will help you not only in the prevention of infections as bacteria and other microorganisms tend to attack more on the tattooed places, but it will also help you in the faster healing of the tattoo. While cleaning the tattoo, a product is chosen on the basis of skin type and also the types of inks used. A lot of inks tend to fade out if you use a strong cleaning product.

It is also important to numb the skin to avoid inflammation during the procedure, so we also recommend some anesthetic products for you to accompany the cleaning product.

Best Tattoo Numbing Products

Derma Numb BEFORE Tattoo Anesthetic Gel

Amazon best-selling product B00MX4ZBBY

The Derma Numb before tattoo gel provides perfect anesthesia to the tattooed skin without providing you with a single vibration of pain. This has powerful ingredients which make it the best numbing gel for tattoos. After application of a generous amount of the product on the skin, you can perform any process on it without worrying about any painful sensation.

Anvor Topical Anesthetic Ointment Gel

Amazon best-selling product B08M9SW7HK

The Anvor anesthetic gel will provide deep numbness to the tattoo area after the inking procedure is done. Along with that it will help the skin to soothe and heal after inking. The ointment effect acts gently and makes the skin restore normality while the anesthesia is still active. It will also help the tattoo become bright and shiny. For all the tattoo lovers, this ointment gel is a must to try.

These numbing gels will give you a cold and pain free anesthetic sensation. You can also apply these gels while you clean your tattoo with any of our recommended products that are given below. This is particularly important because some soaps and tattoo washes may irritate the tattooed area.

Best Tattoo Cleaning Products

Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap for Tattoos

Amazon best-selling product B00PSYOU90

The Tattoo Goo cleansing soap is made from gently acting but powerful and highly effective ingredients. These help in getting rid of all the bacteria without affecting the natural consistency of the skin. The cleaning action can actually be seen and felt. The natural ingredients have the ability to penetrate into the deeper skin layers.

Mistakes to Avoid When Getting the Perfect Dip Manicure with Kiara Sky Nails

Women today are much luckier than the previous generations. In those days, applying nail polish was a challenging task, with colors splashing everywhere. Today, the girls have excellent processes like the dipping powder manicures that do not cause any mess. It is one of the easiest procedures to follow. Besides, you have an absolute range of excellent products like Kiara Sky dipping powder available to make it exciting for you.

Though dipping powder manicure is an easy procedure to master, many people make silly mistakes. One should avoid these mistakes and get the perfect dipping powder manicure. It gives an impeccable look that you can share happily on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Mistakes to avoid when getting a dip powder manicure

The most heartening aspect of these mistakes is simple errors, but people somehow overlook them. One should be aware of these silly mistakes as it can ruin what would otherwise be a perfect manicure.

Not preparing your nails properly for the dip powder manicure

There are innumerable instances of dip powder coating peeling off within a couple of days after the procedure. It occurs because you have ignored the basic precaution of preparing the nails for the manicure.

It is essential to remove the chapped edges and make the nail smooth and uniformly cut before proceeding with the manicure. It involves using a sterilized nail cutter to flatten all the nails uniformly and ensure they are equal in length.

Secondly, many people have natural oil deposits on the nails, just as they have oily skin. As a result, grime and dust could accumulate on the nail surface. It is advisable to clean the nail surface with alcohol wipes to remove the oils. On doing so, you should proceed to wash your nails with soap and water. When doing so, you should remember to wipe the nails and fingers clean and dry without leaving a single water trace. If there are water droplets or if your nails are not fully dry, it will leave a gap beneath the powder layer and affect the manicure. It will also provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

Now, you can start the dip powder manicure to get high-quality Kiara Sky nails.

Failing to prevent your nails from chipping and lifting

Many people make the mistake of getting liquids on the cuticles. You need to exercise proper care and ensure that the cuticles and the nail bed are completely dry. If there are water deposits on the cuticles, the dip powder manicure will lift from the cuticle side. The best way to avoid such things from happening is to firmly push back the cuticles before starting the dip powder manicure.

It is also advisable to start your basecoat layer from a millimeter or two away from the cuticle. When applying the second layer, you should be careful to maintain the gap. A simple way to carve out the gap is to use a toothpick to draw a line slightly above the cuticle when it is still wet.

Besides, nails also tend to chip from the edges. Therefore, one should coat the edges to ensure that the polish does not separate from the nail.

Excessive basecoat or topcoat application

One should remember that basecoat and topcoat are adhesives that hold the dip powder to the nail. If you apply too much basecoat or topcoat, it could result in more powder sticking to them. Thus, you would end up with a thick coat of polish that could smudge around and create a mess.

The ideal way to overcome this mistake is to apply a thin basecoat layer. The same logic applies when applying the topcoat layer. One could also try out buffing the nail in between adding each coat. Simultaneously, one should remember to shake the bottle to allow the dip powder to mix well before any application.

Using Cheap products

The top-quality dipping powder products are comparatively expensive than the cheap ones available on market shelves. It is better to go for a reputed brand like Kiara Sky dip powder kit. You would be spending a couple of dollars more on such quality products, but they last longer and look more beautiful than the inexpensive powders found on the local market.

Not keeping your brushes and product bottles clean

It is essential to clean the nail brushes and other items you use after every dipping powder manicure. It prevents dust from settling down on the bristles. Besides, you should also ensure that the brushes are dry and free of dust when applying the basecoat or the topcoat. It could affect the adhesive coating and spoil your manicure.


Thus, if you want an excellent dip powder manicure, you should avoid making these silly mistakes discussed above.

Are You Aware of Body Wash & Face Wash During Pregnancy?

Switching your regular body wash to a specific care body wash can be very intimidating. Pregnant women are more susceptible to sensitive or inflamed skin due to hormonal changes. As the skin demands more attention than ever you, you can use its glow and appeal with the best body wash for pregnancy. Recommended by the dermatologists, start your skincare with a gentle, chemical-free body wash that is safe for you and your unborn baby.

Body Wash & Face Wash During Pregnancy

What Is Best for You?

The safest choice while picking a body wash would be to go for all-natural skin safe. It should be hypoallergenic too. This formula should be perfect for all skin, including pregnant women with sensitive skin. Get that soft, smooth, refreshed skin with no hassle. Gentle cleansing is required for pregnant women and their babies too.

You should not invest in the body products and the safe face washes during pregnancy without checking the ingredients included in them. The content of the products is significant before using it, especially if you are pregnant.

Go for washes that have more Pro-vitamin as it can create skin elasticity and deep nourishment. This can also benefit you for removing the stretch marks. Body washes with essential oils, and organic herbs are also very favorable.

Easy Wedding Day Nail Art Using LDS Dipping Powder Colors

Just as you spend months or years choosing the right wedding dress, the venue, the jewelry and the shoes to complete your dream wedding, picking the right nail art design for your big day. We are accustomed to choosing the colors on the safe side but it doesn’t mean that your hands will be dull and subtle. Even if you choose the nude, pink, coral or the softest blue, you can still let that shade stand out with these few nail art design idea that we have created for you. These nail ideas uses LDS dipping powder so worrying about a chip or peeled nail is the least of your worries on your special day because it will never happen.

Wedding Day Nail Art

  1. Classic Pink

Nothing says feminine like the most classical shade of modern times: pink. This is the safest choice if you want to stay subtle and sophisticated. LDS D06 I’m blushing for you will give you the subtlest-pink shade and you can dip the nail to the powder until you reach the right tone.

Cream to Treat Psoriasis at Home

Among all the known diseases in the world, melanoma has been one of the diseases whose cure is not known. However, its symptoms can be eased through the use of various creams. This type of condition is chronic and it leads to a skin continuously growing new cells. As if that is not enough, this condition is associated with very sensitive skins that that usually tend to be dry with cracks and sometimes even bleed. It leads to dry patches on the skin that lead to discomfort due to itching.

When you go to the hospital, doctors will recommend that you use diverse types of creams, sprays, ointments and lotions. However, there exist such types of products in the market that do not meet the expected standards. Have you been looking for the best cream to treat psoriasis at home? This article will evaluate some of the best creams to treat psoriasis and what makes them the best.

Cream to Treat Psoriasis

What Is Psoriasis?

Skin diseases are very rampant. Their effects can range from dandruff like spots to huge patches covering a considerably big part of the skin. Most of these skin diseases undergo growth cycles that may take days, weeks or months. When the cycle is complete, they subside and start again later. They can also go to a state of complete remission. The symptoms and signs of every disease will always be different for every victim. Psoriasis has various signs and symptoms which include pitted, thickened or ridged nails, burning sensation, itching, soreness, red patches on the skin with a silvery and thick scale covering, scaling small spots especially on kids, swollen and stiff joints. The abnormal growth of cells on the body is similar to that of seborrheic dermatitis where there is an overgrowth of cells on the scalp. For this kind of dermatitis, the best cream for eczema relief can always be used to bring about its end but psoriasis is far more advanced than this. That is why the available cream to treat psoriasis are only used to manage it because a real cure has not been found yet.