Why Focus28 Is The Best Weight Loss Solution

A Medical Heritage

The Focus28 diet was developed to satisfy the unique needs of bariatric patients: easily digestible, nutritionally dense, portion controlled, and most importantly, delicious and satisfying.

Weight Loss Success Gets NoticedWeight Loss Success Gets Noticed

Many of the bariatric patients using Focus28 continued on the plan to maintain their weight or to continue losing. Our nutritionists, scientists, and medical professionals reworked the bariatric plan and the Focus28 Weight Loss Program was created.

Food + Workout + SupportFood + Workout + Support

Focus28 promotes healthy, safe, hunger-free weight loss. High-quality diet foods, exercise, and support is a proven formula for success. It’s a weight loss solution that’s focused on you. It works; we confidently back it with our satisfaction guarantee.

Food + Workout + Support

It’s SimpleIt’s Simple
The Focus28 Program is easy to follow. Eat six times a day; seven servings of our food and one lean, green meal. A multi-vitamin is included and drinking plenty of water is encouraged. No counting points, no exchanges, no counting calories. Diet food is pre-portioned and requires little prep or cooking. Generally it’s add water, mix, eat.

Tasty, Healthy FoodTasty, Healthy Food

Designed to taste delicious and satisfy, you’ll eat every 2-3 hours so you’re never hungry. Food choices include an assortment of entrees, shakes, puddings, snacks, and more – there’s even cake!

Our foods are carbohydrate controlled, rich in fiber, and fortified with vitamins and minerals. Protein is a key component – each of our servings contains between 10-15 grams of high quality protein. During calorie restriction, protein is essential to the body – it keeps energy levels up, increases metabolism, and maintains and promotes lean muscle. Research shows that protein helps to stabilize insulin levels in the blood – affecting your metabolism, encouraging fat burning and faster weight loss.