Weight loss for women

Women generally require fewer calories per day, but need more nutrition. Women also tend to have higher body fat percentages and less lean muscle mass. Evolution has tailored a woman’s body for reproduction – it is programmed to store fat – to maintain adequate calories in case there’s a famine.

Of course, today famine isn’t much of a risk. In fact the opposite is true – overabundance is the norm. But a woman’s body is still programmed to hoard calories and store fat. It’s why a male and female, of similar height and weight, can start a diet and exercise routine and the man will lose weight more easily. The female body does not want to give up its fat stores.

Focus28’s diets enhance a woman’s fat burning metabolism

Our weight loss program provides portion controlled, reduced calorie meal replacements, supplements, and snacks that are high in protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and low in bad carbohydrates. By controlling portion size, calories, and increasing protein as a portion of overall calories the body is forced to burn fat.Eating every 2-3 hours keeps a woman’s metabolism active, and by switching to high protein consumption the body is coerced into increased thermogenesis. Simply, it takes more energy to digest calories from protein (1), so the body (the metabolism) keeps working and using more calories.

By controlling portion size and calories, and increasing protein as a portion of overall calories, the body is forced to burn fat quickly. But the increased protein maintains and can promote lean muscle mass – which only speeds up the metabolism more.

Proper nutrition for women is important and included

Woman need more nutrients and unique combinations of vitamins and minerals. Women generally require more iron than men and can benefit from more calcium. The Focus28 solution includes woman focused nutrition as an integral part of all our women’s weight loss programs. From two weeks up to twelve weeks and into maintenance, Focus28 is focused on your weight loss and health!