Our Difference: Food + Workout + Support

What Are Some Factors that We Know Contribute to Maintaining a Healthy Weight?
Regular Exercise
Frequent, small meals (not one or two large meals)
Eating Breakfast
Avoiding trigger foods and handling trigger situations
Self-Monitoring – Weighing yourself regularly and setting limits on weight gain
Having long term accountability and follow up
Compliance and retention are key to any weight loss plan, and dieters have been enjoying our great tasting products for over many years. They find the meal plans to be simple to follow, with satisfying options for all their daily eating occasions. Remember, it’s also about weight maintenance, not just weight loss. Our program not only stresses education and changing your behavior, but dieters continue using our products as part of their new lifestyle to stay at the healthy weight they’ve achieved. They comment that they prefer our products to anything they are able to find on retail shelves or online.
Focus28 knows weight loss and management is a life-long journey.
Exercise is a necessary component for weight management and overall health. Once you’re ready to adopt an effective exercise routine, the Focus28 ISO-Towel Workout is a perfect solution for quicker weight loss through exercise. All it takes is a towel and 10 minutes a day! Over the years, Focus28 has proven that people are far more successful at reaching their fitness goals when they increase the frequency, increase the intensity, and decrease the total time spent working out. Studies show regular daily exercise beats working out 2-3 times per week. With the ISO-Towel it’s easy to exercise daily.

Focus28 knows weight management is a life-long journey. We dedicate our efforts to be your support system for questions, advice, motivation, guidance and any other support you need to reach your weight loss goals. We’re ready to take this journey together. Reach out to one of our FocusPros and see the Focus28 difference!