Maintenance After Losing Weight

Many diet programs help people lose weight, but few continue to help you keep the weight off. Yo-Yo dieting is a common issue for many struggling with their weight; and research shows that dieters who follow a structured weight loss program can regain 75% or more of their lost weight. Focus28 realizes that ongoing support is crucial to weight maintenance – and we’re committed to providing it. Our plans offer casual follow-up for a long while after you’ve reached your goal. After all – we don’t simply sell you food and leave you.

But for those serious about keeping their new figures

Focus28 Diet & Weight Loss realizes that ongoing support is crucial to weight maintenance – and we’re committed to providing it. We offer our long-term maintenance program, Life-Focus. Life-Focus guarantees regular contact with your FocusPro. One month, two months, one year after you’ve reached your weight loss goal – your FocusPro team will still be in touch. Typically, your weight will be monitored to curtail the slow gradual weight gain that trips up most successful dieters. By calling every week or so and asking for your current weight, the FocusPro team can intercede and recommend corrective action before things spiral out of control. Maybe the intervention is a quick two week diet or the replacement of nightly snack with Focus28 desserts. Whatever the solution, the FocusPro team will stand by you to help you long-term.

Education during and after

Just as your FocusPro team helped you during your weight loss to retrain your brain and your perception of portions and food in general – your education continues with Life-Focus, long after you’ve lost the weight. From information on how to keep up your physcial activity to the latest information on nutrition and supplements – the FocusPro team keeps you aware and mindful of your body.

The FocusPro team is also trained to identify subtle cues identified by the National Weight Control Registry. The Registry, which tracked more than 5,000 dieters who lost more than 30 pounds, found the “secrets” to staying at your goal weight over time – with Life-Focus your FocusPro team teaches you the secrets and what to watch for to prevent a backward slide.