Special Diet Kits

Sometimes you don’t require a complete diet program. Maybe you simply need a week to rededicate yourself to eating healthy. Or perhaps you’re looking for yummy desserts that are also good for you (and won’t add pounds). Well you’re in luck – Focus28 has created several diet mini-kits that can satisfy your wants and desires.

Decadent, delicious desserts

For those craving a tasty treat, or those with a sweet tooth, Focus28’s “Triple D” Diet Mini-Kit is a must. Combining some of our most scrumptious and heavenly (or is that devilish) dessert options – but none more than 160 calories – it will certainly quell the dessert cravings.

Gluten-Free Diet Food Sampler

For our our gluten sensitive or allergic comrades we’ve pulled together some of our best gluten-free foods. Sure, you could try before you buy our programs (our weight loss consultants will help you design a gluten-free program) but you can also use these choice selections to supplement or replace meals throughout the day. Maybe you’re on the go and can’t carry a gluten-free meal with you – but you can grab a Chocomint Protein Diet Bar and snack away.

Shake It n’ Slim It Kit

Sounds yummy, sounds fun. Well this diet min-kit combines some of our most popular chilled drinks, smoothies, and pudding/shakes into a perfect summer (or any time) snack pack. You’ll get protein, low carbs, and no more than 100 calories with every delicious drink.

The Get Skinny Mini-Kit

This is the perfect jump start to any diet program. Wondering if Focus28 is right for you? Or just curious how good everything tastes? Well, the Get Skinny Mini-Kit will provide all the answers. Or if you’re a current or former Focus28 client – maybe you’re looking to rekindle your diet – this kit will show you the way.