9 Best Gel Polish Kits for Gel Nail Lovers

If you are someone that does not get enough time to follow the latest nail trends, do not prefer longer nails, and want your nail color to last longer then you can definitely opt for gel nails. There is no better way to treat yourself like a lavish gel manicure. A gel manicure not only lasts longer but is also chip-free as compared to the regular acrylic nails. The regular lacquers chip off in a few days, while the gel manicure lasts for more than 2 weeks. The gel manicures are 3 times durable than the regular ones. You won’t need to visit your salon over and over again. The best thing about the gel colors is that it looks good on both long and short nails.

How long does a gel color last? 

The greatest advantage of getting your nails done is it’s longevity. If you have a number of occasions lined up such as interviews, marriage, or vacations, gel nails can be your easy solution. For longer and stronger nails, you must prep your nails, hydrate them and take care while doing any task. If you take enough care of your nails, they can also last up to 4 weeks. 

How to apply Gel polish?

Applying a OPI gel colors set is a quick application process as compared to the regular acrylic colors. Also, these colors dry quickly under a UV/Led lamp in a few minutes. Gel nail polish is generally applied in 3 steps:

Step 1 – The base coat is applied first 

Step 2 – Your choice of gel color is applied 

Step 3 – Then lastly, to make your nails durable and last longer, a solvent-free base coat is applied. After applying each coat, the nails are dried under a UV or LED light for a few minutes. 

How to remove the gel polish?

As you know that Gel nail polish is commonly known as soak-off gel lacquers. Removing gel polish is simple and is non-damaging to nails. It’s important that you remove your gel nails gently, otherwise you are likely to damage your nail beds. 

In the realm of Gel nail polish colors, the gel nail polish kits can be a great way to kick-start. These kits usually come up with every single thing you need for your gel nail colors. The kits are slightly cheaper than buying things individually. 

Here, I am sharing with you some of the best kits for every gel nail lover.

Top 9 best gel polish kit

Sensationail Gel Polish starter kit

If you are looking for something affordable, then this kit can be a good option for you. Though, this kit comes without a remover and in a small amount. But, for removing the gel polish colors you just need acetone.

What’s included? 

A Primer, Cleanser, Base and Top Coat, Gel color and a LED curing lamp. Other accessories include the Lint-free wipes, manicure stick, buffer.

Sally Hansen Salon Pro gel starter kit

If you are a newbie and are using the kit for the first time, then this is a great starter kit. This pro kit comes in fairly less quantity and you will have to buy a new kit pretty soon. It comes at a fair price as well. 

What’s included? 

A LED curing lamp, Basecoat and topcoat, Gel color, Cleansing pads, and Nail polish remover. Other accessories include Buffer, cuticle pusher, and so on.

Nail Home Professional gel nail system

The best part about this gel kit is that it comes in 5 different shades and a cute heart-shaped LED curing lamp. 

What’s included?

Top-coat and Base-coat, five different gel polish colors, a Bonder, Cleanser, Nail polish remover, Cuticle pusher, and an Emery board.

Red Carpet Manicure Pro 45 starter kit

It comes with almost every essential thing you need. It is a popular starter kit.  

What’s included?

Top-coat and Base-coat, Gel color, LED curing lamp, Adhesion Sanitizer, and Cuticle oil.

OPI gel color Gel nail polish iconic starter kit

It’s no secret that OPI is a great brand and offers great quality OPI gel polish. The biggest con of purchasing the OPI gel polish kit is that it does not come with an LED or UV lamp. You need to buy an LED lamp separately. If you need high-quality gel polish colors in your cosmetic bag, then this can be a great kit. 

What’s included?

Six full-size gel colors, Top-coat and Base-coat, Bonder, Nail Polish remover, and a Blank nail palette.

Couture gel nail polish kit

This gel nail polish kit is free from dangerous chemicals. If you are looking for a nail gel color of your choice, then you can have this amazing kit. You have 63 color shades to choose from. Though you get only one color, you can get it of your own choice. 

What’s included?

Top-coat and Base-coat, Cleanser, Espree salon led lamp, Nail polish remover. It includes one gel color of your choice. Other Accessories are a buffer, toe separators, and brushes.

Complete gel polish starter kit by Gelish

Gelish is a professional and popular brand. The kit has small-sized bottles, you can replace them quickly. 

What’s included? 

Gelish kit includes LED curing lamp, Base-coat and Top-coat, 2 full-size Gelish colors, Cleanser, Cuticle oil, Bonder, Nail polish remover, and an Anti UV manicure glove.

CND Shellac intro pack

CND Shellac was the first gel polish brand industry. This kit is a UV cure only. If you want a professional nail gel kit, then this is especially for gel lovers like you. It is supposed to have the best wear and is durable. 

What’s included?

It includes a Shellac base coat and topcoat, 4 full-size shellac gel colors, Cuticle Oil. for an easy removal of nail colors, this kit has Pure Acetone, Scrub Fresh, 20 Orangewood Sticks, 250 nail Remover Wraps, 25 Kanga Files,and Rubbing Alcohol.

OPI gel color professional icon intro kit

If you are longing for one of the top professional kits, then OPI professional gel polish kit is the best for you. It comprises almost everything that you need. This OPI kit is quite pricey but is worth having. 

What’s included? 

The OPI gel polish kit offers 6 full-size OPI gel colors, Basecoat and Topcoat, Bonder, Nail polish remover , OPI LED lamp. A color palette with beaded-chain. 20 foil wraps for removing gel colors, Salon mitts, and a Cuticle stick.


It’s hard to find a woman that doesn’t like pretty nails! With the evolution of the nail industry you don’t need to spend hours in the salon. You can pamper your nails and have that perfect dazzling nails at your home itself. Now that you know the gel polish kits, you can buy purchase OPI gel polish one as per your needs. These products are easily available. Get your favorite nail arts done hassle-free at your comfort zones.