Exciting Nail Polish Suggestions for Daughter’s Day

Usually, Daughter’s Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of September every year. This year, Daughter’s Day falls on September 25, 2022. It is the right time for mothers to bestow gifts on their daughters and make them happy. While many mothers give beautiful clothes and other expensive gifts, gifting nail polish is an excellent idea. You have an extensive range of nail polish ideas available on the DND DC color chart. So, let us discuss some beautiful nail polish gift ideas for your lovely daughters.

Best Nail Polish Colors for Daughter’s Day

Bold Red – The most beautiful color of all

Teenagers and girls in their twenties love to experiment. Experimenting with nail colors requires you to be bold. The best color that allows you to express your boldness is red. The bold red is one of the brightest red shades that enable you to make an emphatic fashion statement. The beautiful aspect of red is that it matches all clothes and colors. So, if you wear jeans and red nail polish, it looks great. Similarly, it looks beautiful when you wear a white wedding gown. So, mothers should love presenting their teenage daughters with the bold red nail polish set and allow them to express their feelings boldly.

The Gorgeous Pinks – An alluring color

While the bold red signifies an exquisite finish and makes your nails look prominently attractive, the gorgeous pinks gently achieve the same objective. Usually, people consider pinks to symbolize innocence. But, the beauty of pink is that it can be innocent and sensual simultaneously. Therefore, young women in their twenties love the darker pink hues, especially when going on dates with their boyfriends. But younger girls love the lighter pink shades that exude tons of innocence.

Chunky Gold – A stunning metallic shade

Young girls love to wear different kinds of jewelry. The chunky and metallic gold shade is the best nail polish shade that matches your gold ornaments. It looks beautiful on your nails and qualifies as the perfect gift on Daughter’s Day. You can sprinkle the shiny silver powder over the gold nail base to provide the best nail manicure. DND DC has a beautiful golden color shade that every young girl should love on their nails.

Black is a beautiful hue

Usually, women used to avoid wearing black nail polish. However, recent trends have shown that black is the most beautiful of all colors. It ranks amongst the best nail polish colors to gift your daughters because they can experiment with various styles using the black base. For example, the black base is beautiful for the traditional French manicure. Secondly, they can sprinkle gold dust on the black finish and go for a glitter manicure of the highest order.

The lavender shade ensures a high-quality manicure

Young girls love flowers, and lavender is among the favorites. The lavender nail color is favored because girls love floral designs on their dresses. Lavender is the ideal nail polish shade that matches the flowers on their dresses and emphasizes their presence. This beautiful hue suits all dresses and occasions. Secondly, the lavender shade is the perfect transition shade when the season changes to autumn. Daughter’s Day coincides with the end of summer and signals the start of autumn, making it the ideal time to gift your daughter this beautiful nail polish color.

White is a priceless color on any nail

The beauty of white nail polish is that it suits every skin tone, from the fairest to the tanned. Besides, it looks heavenly beautiful with almost all the dresses. It fits all occasions, as well. For example, you can wear a pure, white manicure for a birthday party. Similarly, it looks excellent with your official attire. The white shade makes you look supremely confident as you address board meetings or have business interactions with your customers. So, your daughter will love the white nail polish as a gift on Daughter’s Day.

The light blue signifies love and peace

The best aspect of light colors is that they symbolize peace and love. The light blue also signifies expansiveness because it resembles the sky color. Therefore, it counts as one of the most beautiful nail colors young girls can have on their nails. So, light blue should be a perfect DND DC nail polish shade to gift your daughter on Daughter’s Day. We guarantee that she will love it more than anything else.

Wrap it Up

Daughter’s Day is not far away, and your daughter would love to receive beautiful gifts from you. However, you can be a bit different this year; gift her the best nail polish shades she can wear for the entire year and make an emphatic fashion statement every time. You can choose the best colors from the DND DC color chart and order your requirements from our website.