Essential Tips to Fix Nugenesis Nails at Home

With a Nugenesis product, you can keep your nail beautiful on a low budget without having to break through the bank. Unlike other brands, Nugenesis dip nails help many individuals keep up a good and healthy appearance at home without any stress. There are various designs, models, and colors of this brand, so choose the preferred color which suits your skin and outfit. For several years, Nugenesis has been commonly accepted across various continents and has proven efficient for end-users.

You can check the nearest nail store or online market to get your desired Nugenesis product choice. Their latest design comes with a Nugenesis dip kit which helps customers have all the necessary gadgets to maintain healthy and beautiful nails at home. These kits are also suited to fit each product design with laid-out instructions on usage.

Comparing Nugenesis dip powder to other gel nail manicure product

Well, all nail products have their advantages and demerits. However, Nugenesis dip powder nails are widely accepted across different continents because the manufacturer enables the product to be usable while at home without any professional expertise. Furthermore, people love to use dip powder because it is relatively cheap and has lesser side effects.

Nugenesis nails have been trending for more than two decades because of their different beautification models and long-lasting effectiveness despite having a recommended duration of two weeks. In addition, unlike other gel products that use UV rays to cement manicure products, this brand uses pigmented powder which some users find unique and attractive.

For Nugenesis dip powder nails to be attractive on your hand, you must be extra careful when applying it to avoid damage to your hand. However, some users reiterate they prefer this brand because it contains more vitamins and minerals, enabling the nails to be soft and healthy.

Before usage, it is best to seek professional help or watch online tutorial videos on applying nail beautification products.  Some nail technicians have suggested Nugenesis got its name from its usage because people have to dip their nails into the container. Unlike other manicures where you have to paint or brush, this mode of application has generated many reactions among health experts. Some suggest it is unhygienic as germs could penetrate the hand through this method. However, others said you could apply the product and enjoy its numerous benefits by just painting on your hand instead of dipping.

Steps to fix Nugenesis dip nails

The simple procedure of using dip powder nails are in three stages which are:

Pre-application stage

This stage encompasses those necessary details or precautions taken before you apply your Nugenesis dip powder product. For your nails to look ready and more beautiful, it is vital to remove dead cuticles from the nails with the help of file and carbide. During this filing process, you have the opportunity to shape your nails to the desired form or length you prefer.

Application stage

For application, ensure a back-to-forward motion of the product to cover the nails evenly. In case of leftover remnants, use dip base powder or brush uniformly, after which you apply nail base gel to help coat the effect on the nails.

The above information is a simple directive on how to use Nugenesis dry powder at home. Immediately after applying the product, place your hand slightly down so the excess powder would fall into the mold or dip, after which put the entire painted nails into a pink dip powder. Then, follow the same explained procedure again before using nail activator liquid to make the applied product.

Post application stage

While allowing your hand to dry, use a nail file to buff the nail. After drying, wash your hand with no soap, then apply nail activator liquid, after which nail finish gel follows. At last, your pin is ready and can match any desired outfit you plan to wear.

Duration for carrying Nugenesis dip powder nails

Most nail professionals recommend 14 to 21 days. However, people use their Nugenesis nail product for up to a month or more, but this could negatively affect your hand. If you are a novice and plan to use this product at home, watch a tutorial video on its application or invite an expert in this field.

Nugenesis nail packages typically last up to two weeks with no visible changes after removal which makes them far more convenient than getting acrylics done every couple months like some people end up doing when trying out different designs on themselves.


Some use different nail products without getting enough insights on usage procedures or possible side effects. However, Nugenesis dip powder color is generally accepted because it is cheaper and effective, unlike other products. If you plan to beautify your nails at home without any LED or UV rays hurdle, this product is the best option for you. Purchase your Nugenesis dip nail now to look beautiful and radiant today!