How to Get Rainbow Ombre Dip Nails Colors

Nature is full of color, especially when it rains. You can witness the beautiful rainbow with seven colors shining across the sky. It would be excellent to have the seven rainbow colors on your nails. However, the procedure is not so easy. It requires an expert to apply this manicure.

We shall discuss a simple way to have the rainbow nail dip colors on your nails.

Step By Step Apply Rainbow Ombre Dip Nail Color

Get your apparatus in order

We advise having all the colors and other equipment in order before starting the rainbow procedure. These include nail files, nail buffs, cuticle pushers, alcohol-based cleaners, basecoats, topcoat applications, activator gel, and the seven rainbow dip nails colors (VIBGYOR – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange, red).

Start with the prepping

Every manicure starts with the prepping procedure. The process is the same. You cut and file your nails. Clean them with an alcohol-based solution. Buff the nails to create a rough surface. Remove the debris from the nails. Push the cuticles into their grooves gently. In short, you prepare the nails for the manicure.

We suggest having an acrylic extension to your nails if you have short and stubby nails. It gives you the beautiful feeling of having elongated nails. So, affix the nail extension if required before starting the dip nail manicure.

The basecoat application

 Apply the basecoat to each nail. We suggest starting with one hand and completing the process before proceeding with the second. One layer of the basecoat should be sufficient because multiple layers can thicken the manicure. Avoid having the basecoat over the cuticles. Instead, leave a thin gap between the basecoat and the cuticles. The best part of the manicure is that the powder sticks to the basecoat, not the nail. Thus, it is easy to avoid cuticles when using nail dip colors.

The nude base

Once you apply the basecoat layer, dip your nails immediately into the nude base color powder. Use a clean brush to level the powder layer and remove excess. Next, apply another basecoat layer over the powder, but leave a strip bare across the left corner. You will have the rainbow color over this area of the nail.

Dip your nails again into the nude base. This time, the powder will not stick to the area left bare. Dust off the excess powder and use an orangewood stick to demarcate the distinction. Apply the activator gel over the nude base and allow the powder to bind with the basecoat.

Prepare the nail for the rainbow ombre colors

Use the nail buff and carefully scrape the nail along the bare portion to rough it up and allow the rainbow powder to stick to it. Next, use a thin brush to apply the basecoat over this demarcated portion.

Use a spoon to carefully add the rainbow colors to the nail edge along the demarcated area. Maintain the VIBGYOR sequence to get the perfect rainbow nail dip colors.

Ensure that the rainbow ombre colors are at the same level as the rest of the nail. Apply the activator gel over the nail allowing the rainbow colors to bind and stick to the basecoat perfectly. Shape the nail perfectly using the nail files. Cap the edges with the activator gel and ensure that the powder does not spill over from the sides.

The topcoat application

The topcoat application is the final step in the dip manicure process. It ensures that the manicure lasts for three to four weeks. You can decide on the matte or glossy finish by applying the topcoat accordingly. The glossy finish requires multiple topcoat application layers, whereas a couple of layers should suffice for a matte finish.

You can experiment by having a matte finish for the nude dip powder colors and a glossy finish for the rainbow shades to add to the beauty quotient. In short, it depends on your preferences.

The best aspect of color dip is that the topcoat application dries quickly. Therefore, you need not spend time drying the topcoat.

Now, you can repeat the same procedure on the other hand and have a set of beautiful rainbow-colored dip nail manicures.

Experiment with other designs and patterns

We have discussed the rainbow-colored ombre pattern in detail. You can use the same procedure for having different designs according to your preferences. For example, you can go for the polka-dotted or the cheetah print design. The flower dip nail design is also popular among women globally.

Final Thoughts

The most exciting aspect of dip nails is that you can experiment with different styles after mastering the procedure. The rainbow-hued ombre design is a beautiful pattern that lets you blend with nature. This design is perfect for the rainy season as it shows your commitment to preserving nature. So, have the most exciting nail designs and enhance your glamor quotient to the next level.