Tips on Nail Care in the Fall

When the autumn season arrives, there are many things you may have to care about in different ways and more frequently. Because, it is the season when the temperature is changed and the humidity level also fluctuates.

So the best way to take care of your personal needs is to make necessary changes in your personal care routine. Among the many things to care about, nails are one of the most important aspects of your body that need proper care during the fall season.

Tips on Nail Care

Why do you need to care more for your nails in fall?

There are many reasons to take care of your nails in fall because of the increased dry winds, changing temperatures, and many other things that affect the nails in different ways.

How to care for your nails to keep them healthy this fall?

There are multiple ways to take care of your nails in the fall and we’ll discuss some of the most important and best ones so that you may take care of your nails to keep them looking healthy and maintained:

Keep your hands manicured

It is the best that you may keep your nails manicured as it will keep your nails in shape, coated for protection and free from nail problems like brittleness and broken or damaged edges.

Maintain overall hygiene of the nails

Keep the nails free from dirt and extra moisture to avoid infections. Clean them and file or buff for better shape and the maintenance of proper shine.

 Use quality gel nail polish with base and top coat for ultimate nail protection

To maintain your manicure, you may use gel nail polish with OPI gel base and top coat system to keep nails away from getting damaged or brittle due to the external effects.

Make use of cuticle oil

Proper and regular use of cuticle oil helps in maintaining the texture of the nails as well as keep the cuticle soft so that it can be pushed easily. This helps in keeping the nails in shape and in good form.

Use baby oil

Use baby oil to treat your hands and that will also keep the nails hydrated and shiny despite the adverse effect of the fall season.

Try using nail baths whenever it is possible for you:

Though sometimes it feels a bit hassle when you need to get a nail bath but truly helps in maintain a good shape, texture, shine and healthy color of the nails. You may try dipping your nails  with lds dip powder into following different bath bowls:

Salt water bath

Dipping the nails into lukewarm, salted water helps in getting rid of the hidden microbes and germs in the nails. But make sure not to dip the nails for too long or too frequently.

Baby oil bath or vegetable oil bath

Try dipping your nails in an oil filled bowl and keep them dipped for about 10-15 minutes. Make sure not to rinse with water or soap and leave the hands covered with the thin layer of oil and wear-on gloves so that maximum oil gets absorbed. This ensures shiny, healthy and strong nails with perfect shine on them.

Honey pack for your nails

As a fact honey contains all essential ingredients to support hair, skin and nail health. Applying honey on your nails may help in keeping them maintain their strong yet brittle free texture so that the nails may not break or get chipped off even after using dnd gel on a regular basis.

Always make sure you keep your nails clean and filed so that there are lesser chances of damaging your nails. In addition to that, it is better to keep your nails hydrate in the fall season as they get dry out quickly due to decreasing humidity and cold dry winds. Make sure to keep them hydrated by using the moisturizers, oils and necessary conditioning agents.

Using the proper nail care products and coats on the nails may also help in keeping them free from damages and avoid drying out effects of external changes and seasonal conditions. It is always better to intake fresh foods, fruits and vegetables and lots of water to make sure the nails stay healthier and shinier even in the fall and winter season.