Easy Wedding Day Nail Art Using LDS Dipping Powder Colors

Just as you spend months or years choosing the right wedding dress, the venue, the jewelry and the shoes to complete your dream wedding, picking the right nail art design for your big day. We are accustomed to choosing the colors on the safe side but it doesn’t mean that your hands will be dull and subtle. Even if you choose the nude, pink, coral or the softest blue, you can still let that shade stand out with these few nail art design idea that we have created for you. These nail ideas uses LDS dipping powder so worrying about a chip or peeled nail is the least of your worries on your special day because it will never happen.

Wedding Day Nail Art

  1. Classic Pink

Nothing says feminine like the most classical shade of modern times: pink. This is the safest choice if you want to stay subtle and sophisticated. LDS D06 I’m blushing for you will give you the subtlest-pink shade and you can dip the nail to the powder until you reach the right tone.

  1. Pink with a Sprinkle of Gold

You think pink looks much of a debutante than a bride? Then you can give this mani a boost by adding some gold accent on your nail. Using the same basecoat which is LDS D06 I’m blushing for you, just grab a gold glitter DND polish and freehand your own design and you now have a long-lasting mani that will last well into your honeymoon.

  1. Glitters and Blue Makes a Beautiful You

Another way to pay homage to the “something blue” tradition is this nail design. Simply create a basecoat of blue using LDS D85 Be-you-tiful-blue and finish it off with some glitters and your hands will be picturesque as it can be.

  1. Juicy Pink and Confetti Nails

Honestly speaking, your wedding day could be the biggest party you could have with your family and friends. So you might as well go out with the sophisticated sparkles brought about by your nails. Using LDS D130 Innocence as basecoat and create a confetti using cut out gold or silver metallic strips. Top it off with your favourite top gel and let your hands shines the brightest on your big day.

  1. Sweet Pastel Blue Nails

Alright, you are the minimalistic one but rather than sticking to the traditional nude why not try a very pale shade of blue with LDS D85 Be-you-tiful-blue. This will go well with fair and medium skin tones without being too distracting. We understand your design to be old-school traditional but in case you want to get a bit edgy, you can create floral patterns on top of that too and trust us, it will still look simple and elegant just the way you wanted.