Mistakes to Avoid When Getting the Perfect Dip Manicure with Kiara Sky Nails

Women today are much luckier than the previous generations. In those days, applying nail polish was a challenging task, with colors splashing everywhere. Today, the girls have excellent processes like the dipping powder manicures that do not cause any mess. It is one of the easiest procedures to follow. Besides, you have an absolute range of excellent products like Kiara Sky dipping powder available to make it exciting for you.

Though dipping powder manicure is an easy procedure to master, many people make silly mistakes. One should avoid these mistakes and get the perfect dipping powder manicure. It gives an impeccable look that you can share happily on Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media channels.

Mistakes to avoid when getting a dip powder manicure

The most heartening aspect of these mistakes is simple errors, but people somehow overlook them. One should be aware of these silly mistakes as it can ruin what would otherwise be a perfect manicure.

Not preparing your nails properly for the dip powder manicure

There are innumerable instances of dip powder coating peeling off within a couple of days after the procedure. It occurs because you have ignored the basic precaution of preparing the nails for the manicure.

It is essential to remove the chapped edges and make the nail smooth and uniformly cut before proceeding with the manicure. It involves using a sterilized nail cutter to flatten all the nails uniformly and ensure they are equal in length.

Secondly, many people have natural oil deposits on the nails, just as they have oily skin. As a result, grime and dust could accumulate on the nail surface. It is advisable to clean the nail surface with alcohol wipes to remove the oils. On doing so, you should proceed to wash your nails with soap and water. When doing so, you should remember to wipe the nails and fingers clean and dry without leaving a single water trace. If there are water droplets or if your nails are not fully dry, it will leave a gap beneath the powder layer and affect the manicure. It will also provide a breeding ground for bacteria.

Now, you can start the dip powder manicure to get high-quality Kiara Sky nails.

Failing to prevent your nails from chipping and lifting

Many people make the mistake of getting liquids on the cuticles. You need to exercise proper care and ensure that the cuticles and the nail bed are completely dry. If there are water deposits on the cuticles, the dip powder manicure will lift from the cuticle side. The best way to avoid such things from happening is to firmly push back the cuticles before starting the dip powder manicure.

It is also advisable to start your basecoat layer from a millimeter or two away from the cuticle. When applying the second layer, you should be careful to maintain the gap. A simple way to carve out the gap is to use a toothpick to draw a line slightly above the cuticle when it is still wet.

Besides, nails also tend to chip from the edges. Therefore, one should coat the edges to ensure that the polish does not separate from the nail.

Excessive basecoat or topcoat application

One should remember that basecoat and topcoat are adhesives that hold the dip powder to the nail. If you apply too much basecoat or topcoat, it could result in more powder sticking to them. Thus, you would end up with a thick coat of polish that could smudge around and create a mess.

The ideal way to overcome this mistake is to apply a thin basecoat layer. The same logic applies when applying the topcoat layer. One could also try out buffing the nail in between adding each coat. Simultaneously, one should remember to shake the bottle to allow the dip powder to mix well before any application.

Using Cheap products

The top-quality dipping powder products are comparatively expensive than the cheap ones available on market shelves. It is better to go for a reputed brand like Kiara Sky dip powder kit. You would be spending a couple of dollars more on such quality products, but they last longer and look more beautiful than the inexpensive powders found on the local market.

Not keeping your brushes and product bottles clean

It is essential to clean the nail brushes and other items you use after every dipping powder manicure. It prevents dust from settling down on the bristles. Besides, you should also ensure that the brushes are dry and free of dust when applying the basecoat or the topcoat. It could affect the adhesive coating and spoil your manicure.


Thus, if you want an excellent dip powder manicure, you should avoid making these silly mistakes discussed above.