Are You Aware of Body Wash & Face Wash During Pregnancy?

Switching your regular body wash to a specific care body wash can be very intimidating. Pregnant women are more susceptible to sensitive or inflamed skin due to hormonal changes. As the skin demands more attention than ever you, you can use its glow and appeal with the best body wash for pregnancy. Recommended by the dermatologists, start your skincare with a gentle, chemical-free body wash that is safe for you and your unborn baby.

Body Wash & Face Wash During Pregnancy

What Is Best for You?

The safest choice while picking a body wash would be to go for all-natural skin safe. It should be hypoallergenic too. This formula should be perfect for all skin, including pregnant women with sensitive skin. Get that soft, smooth, refreshed skin with no hassle. Gentle cleansing is required for pregnant women and their babies too.

You should not invest in the body products and the safe face washes during pregnancy without checking the ingredients included in them. The content of the products is significant before using it, especially if you are pregnant.

Go for washes that have more Pro-vitamin as it can create skin elasticity and deep nourishment. This can also benefit you for removing the stretch marks. Body washes with essential oils, and organic herbs are also very favorable.

Chamomile, ginger extracts are beautiful ingredients which if used in body wash, can keep your mind refreshed too.

It should be noted that the skin of pregnant women changes every 5-7 months. You can always consider natural soaps and body wash for pregnancy.

Skin Care Tips

Along with the appropriate choice of the body wash, you should also follow a few more natural tips for your skin at home.

  • Drink a lot of water. The first and foremost thing which is recommended to all pregnant women is to drink an appropriate quantity of water. It helps the blood circulation of both you and your baby.
  • Get yourself the correct diet chart. Of course, you will follow the chart as prescribed by your doctor. Include leafy vegetables and fruits.
  • Use gentle soaps and shampoos at this time. Try natural body washes for the skin without any chemicals.
  • Before applying any cream, moisturizer, or body washes during pregnancy, please put a few drops on your elbow. If any irritation is noticed, then do not use it.
  • Give your ample body amount of rest. Do slight walking and exercises as per your doctor’s suggestion. Keep yourself active.
  • Do not stress. Pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Never worry about the skin or hair changes that you are going through at this stage.

What to Avoid in the Body Washes?

Refrain from buying the body washes and gels which have harsh chemicals like parabens, mineral oil, aluminum, sulfates, DEA, PEG, Propylene Glycol, and phosphates.  You cannot trust the toxic and skin clogging ingredients which can leave dry flakes.

This also results in irritation or higher itching tendency with red rashes. Again it should be remembered that during pregnancy, few women are not allowed to take extra medications for skin problems. It is always advised to go for safer and natural products that can soothe the skincare balance.

In this context, it is essential to know that skin care washes and cleansers contain artificial foaming agents, preservatives, and dyes. Body washes with sensitive aroma should not be invested on. It is considered a high health hazard due to the presence of chemicals linked to hormone disruption and cancer.

Things that you put on your skin during pregnancy are essential for both of you and your baby. It does sound overwhelming for all the expecting mothers, but you have to be very strategic while choosing the correct product. Make sure the cleansers, body washes, or gels should be dermatologists tested.  Do consider your doctor’s opinion before applying any skincare product.