Best Way to Clean Tattoo: How to Clean Things?

One important process in tattoo aftercare is the proper cleaning of the inked area. This will help you not only in the prevention of infections as bacteria and other microorganisms tend to attack more on the tattooed places, but it will also help you in the faster healing of the tattoo. While cleaning the tattoo, a product is chosen on the basis of skin type and also the types of inks used. A lot of inks tend to fade out if you use a strong cleaning product.

It is also important to numb the skin to avoid inflammation during the procedure, so we also recommend some anesthetic products for you to accompany the cleaning product.

Best Tattoo Numbing Products

Derma Numb BEFORE Tattoo Anesthetic Gel

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The Derma Numb before tattoo gel provides perfect anesthesia to the tattooed skin without providing you with a single vibration of pain. This has powerful ingredients which make it the best numbing gel for tattoos. After application of a generous amount of the product on the skin, you can perform any process on it without worrying about any painful sensation.

Anvor Topical Anesthetic Ointment Gel

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The Anvor anesthetic gel will provide deep numbness to the tattoo area after the inking procedure is done. Along with that it will help the skin to soothe and heal after inking. The ointment effect acts gently and makes the skin restore normality while the anesthesia is still active. It will also help the tattoo become bright and shiny. For all the tattoo lovers, this ointment gel is a must to try.

These numbing gels will give you a cold and pain free anesthetic sensation. You can also apply these gels while you clean your tattoo with any of our recommended products that are given below. This is particularly important because some soaps and tattoo washes may irritate the tattooed area.

Best Tattoo Cleaning Products

Tattoo Goo Deep Cleansing Soap for Tattoos

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The Tattoo Goo cleansing soap is made from gently acting but powerful and highly effective ingredients. These help in getting rid of all the bacteria without affecting the natural consistency of the skin. The cleaning action can actually be seen and felt. The natural ingredients have the ability to penetrate into the deeper skin layers.

Essential Values Green Soap

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If you are unable to find the best soap to clean tattoos, this is the one you need to try out right now. This soap effectively removes all the dirt and grime residues from the skin without causing any harsh effect. This is because all the ingredients are hypoallergenic and carefully chosen to meet the requirement of tattooed skin.

H2Ocean Blue Green Foam Soap

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This soap by H2Ocean is known for its natural and free from synthetic ingredients formula. It contains no parabens and is originated from vegan sources. The antibacterial effect of the soap is remarkable which makes sure that no impurities remain on the skin.

Cosco Pure Tattoo Green Soap

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Cosco is a well-known brand in the tattoo sanitation industry. This green soap is one of the most widely used products of this brand. It has multiple applications ranging from preparation of the skin for inking to cleanliness of the tattooed area. It is made up of natural and skin friendly ingredients.


Tattooed skin is extremely sensitive as a lot of needle work has been done on that area. A cleaning product that is not gentle can cause irritation and inflammation on the inked skin. Sometimes infections can also occur if you perform vigorous cleaning of the tattoo with an incompatible product. This will ruin the entire tattoo. The products that we have chosen have been formulated keeping in mind all the requirements and sensitivities of the tattooed skin. Use these to get a perfectly clean, soft and smooth tattoo. These will also increase the shine and vibrance of the tattoo ink.